Our Story
The story of The Social and Emotional Learning Group began with the idea of “Maybe one day…”. This is a fleeting thought that is often in the minds of individuals. It was a fleeting thought of Dr. Nannette Funderburk’s as she sat in class while pursuing a Master of Science degree in Counseling at North Carolina A&T State University. “Maybe one day I’ll open a private practice.” Such an idea was foreign to her and seemed so distant. As she continued to pursue the degree, the thought of starting a private practice became even more distant as, like many students, the more pressing thought of “I just need a job in my field” loomed ever-larger in her mind. Even with this thought, private practice remained in the back of her mind as she graduated from North Carolina A&T State University and began pursuing a doctorate at North Carolina State University. During her doctoral studies, she found the concept of emotional intelligence fascinating and applicable to all. During her tenure at State she continued to do research in this area and eventually created a tool that measured emotional intelligence. This research and assessment creation in social and emotional learning, began to tickle the far-away thoughts of private practice, and the seed planted years ago was starting to take root.
After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and a Business minor at UNC Greensboro, Min. Keith Funderburk also began honing a craft. He was a successful corporate trainer for a large bank in Charlotte, NC. On a corporate track for even greater success, he was enjoying training hundreds of bank employees throughout his tenure but also connecting with the senior executive leadership of the bank in a diversity leadership program integral to carrying out the institution’s core values.  Through this work and other community positions, he was being groomed to create, manage, and grow a business venture. Also before, during, and even after this time, Min. Funderburk was gaining experience in ministering to the needs of the community through assisting mentors and doing the “in the trenches” work of ministry.
Together, the Funderburks knew that they wanted to be great and impact the community in a meaningful and powerful way. Thus began the opening of The Social and Emotional Learning Group. Since its inception in 2008, The S.E.L. Group has grown tremendously and has done precisely what the Funderburks hoped it would do. The private practice has counseled thousands of individuals in the community, promoted awareness of the importance mental health hygiene, and connected with several complementary agencies in the city in order to increase the positive impact to those it serves.
The story of The S.E.L. Group continues to be written.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve the community and are thankful you have chosen to be with us. 
  Min. Keith and Dr. Nannette Funderburk
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