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Welcome to The Social and Emotional Learning Group (The S.E.L. Group), where we provide counseling, training, and motivational speaking to meet your behavior management needs. 

Many of today's explosive behavior responses to everyday situations are the result of unrecognized and uncontrolled emotion.  That impulsive release of emotion results in the personal destruction and outward devistation seen in schools, homes, and communities today. The anger harbored by a child who witnessed domestic violence in the home; the fear that grips the young adult who was attacked when leaving work; the frustration that overwhelms the working class family because of job insecurity and mounting bills; each of these situations has an emotion attached to it that can motivate or destroy.

The S.E.L. Group will assist you in
  • recognizing root emotions
  • developing emotion management skills,
  • developing responsible decision making skills
  • developing social awareness and relationship skills

You can begin your process of growth here, with The S.E.L. Group.

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